For sale: My quarter share in G-BSEP

I am selling my share in G-BSEP, a 1959 square-tail Cessna 172. I have owned this share since October 2002, and have had some superb flying out of it, covering over 200 hours in this aircraft alone. I am moving on to something a bit faster, so my share in G-BSEP is now up for sale.

This particular aircraft often attracts attention from people who recognise an unusual example of a popular aircraft. This is the only original model 172 in the UK. You will find plenty of other 172s with the straight rear fuselage, but none with the square tail fin - apart from this one! Try searching and you'll see that G-BSEP is a very photogenic lady.

This aircraft is ideal if you're looking for an economical four-seat VFR tourer with excellent short-field performance. At 65% power, she cruises at about 95 knots and burns about 8 US gallons per hour. She stands a couple of inches taller than other 172s, which makes entry and exit even easier. So if you want a practical aeroplane that stands out from the crowd, this could be for you!

The details of the share are listed below. If you are interested, or if you know somebody else who might be, please .

The share price is £4,500.

There is more information about the aircraft on this page.

G-BSEP - a 1959 Cessna 172
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